Why Nashville bloggers don’t live-blog meetups

Why Nashville bloggers don’t live-blog meetups: I feel compelled to respond to visiting lostremote.com blogger Steve Safran, who smacked down the local folks attending this a.m.’s meetup with the complaint that “nobody (was) liveblogging…Come on, gang. A local station is reaching out. It’s worth writing about.”

Steve, first let me point out that writing about WKRN reaching out is something I have done on many, many occasions. So I think I can speak for a few bloggers in Nashville when I suggest that Nashville bloggers get together to visit and laugh together — to do lots of things herds of monkeys enjoy doing when they get together (heck, we even enjoy pickiing fleas off one another) — and then when it’s all over, we’ll blog about it.

While I think Michael Roseblum is truly about the most entertaining and enlightening presenter one could enjoy, sitting down for a presentation is not the Nashville blogger meetup way. That said, Steve, I think you did a swell job of blogging the meetup, especially of Michael Rosenblum’s standup. However hanging out with folks like Aunt B is more pleasant when I have my computer shut-off.

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One thought on “Why Nashville bloggers don’t live-blog meetups

  1. Rex: Thanks for the explanation. I’d like to suggest that liveblogging isn’t so much about the blogger as it is about the audience you have built. They depend upon you for the information you gather. When you’re at an event, liveblogging allows them to benefit in real time. It also allows people to take contemporaneous notes, quotes and thoughts. We’re bloggers, and we breathe this stuff. I knew I’d take an earful for posting my thought on this – but it’s what I do, just as posting opinion is what we all do. Thank you for sharing yours. – Steve

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