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Sports section: I went to the Titans-Jets game today. Down 16-0 at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Titans came back to tie the game. The Jets then scored a touchdown and the Titans responded by pushing down the field to the eight yard line. But then, the magic went poof and the Titans lost 23-16.

This is my seventh season of being a Titans fan. During that time, I’ve attended almost every home game and have watched all but maybe two or three away games on TV. I have never followed a team as closely over a long period of time — not even an SEC team. At some point in watching games — especially if one attends the games live — you begin to connect individual plays with previous individual plays you’ve seen in years past. Or players with previous players. Or drives with previous drives. Or games with previous games. Or crowd reactions with previous crowd reactions.

Today’s game was filled with such moments for me. The first quarter, and the Titans early impressive defense, reminded me of the 1999 Titans. That season also came to mind when the crowd booed the coach’s choice of quarterbacks. The come- back and disappointing fizzle at the end reminded me of, well, no Titans fan would ever want to recall the specific game that turn of events reminds us of.

I can’t find it now, but one of the pre-season prognosticators suggested that the best-possible scenario for the Titans this year is an 8-8 record. I try to ignore such pre-season predictions, but after seeing some of the holes in the Titans game today, I hope the writer is correct. There were glimpses of hope, but there is something lacking…hmmm, what could it be? Oh, yea. Now I remember.

This year is unique for me. Except for on November 12, I am an official fan of two NFL teams. For as long as Steve McNair plays quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, and they are not playing the Titans, I am a fan. And believe me, if it were any team but the Ravens, this would be easier. Today, McNair looked impressive in leading the Ravens to a 27-0 victory over the Tampa Bay Bucs. Sorry Tampa relatives. (For the record, I still do not like Ray Lewis.)

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