All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need – update #1

All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need – update #1: Recently, I posted a list of Apple rumors that should last you a while. Today a few of those rumors turned into announcements (via engadget), so here’s a strike through version of the list. When I made up the list last week, I said they were in no particular order, so I got especially lucky.

1. Movies via the iTunes store.
2. A “Video Airport Express” that allows you to stream video from your computer wirelessly to your TV.
(Note: It won’t come out until next year, but was “previewed” today with the code name iTV.)
3. A device that is sort of like an 8″x10″ iPod that does everything a computer does but it won’t be called a tablet computer or an iPod.
4. An iSight/iChat hardware-software combo that works on Windows machines (like when the iPod became available for Windows).
5. Wireless iPod.
6. Wireless iSight (hardware).
7. A wide range of wireless iSight cameras that allow you to automatically beam video to your iPod memory, computer or to stream live online — all with drop-dead simplicity.
8. Devices you place on shelves and hang on walls at home to replace anything you might think of as a “home entertainment center.” (Like this without “the computer.”)
9. Something like the following: A Mighty Mouse-like device that is the computer and works wirelessly with a tiny laser projector or some glasses/earphone device.
10. Newer and newer computers for designers and engineers and video/audio creators and editors and servers that are faster and faster and cheaper and cheaper.
11. A laptop computer that won’t burn a hole in your lap.
12. That he is retiring.
13. That in honor of his retirement, Apple is coming out with a flying car.
14. That they’re coming out with a computer that really doesn’t crash.

As always, there was no announcement of an iPhone. And I still haven’t figured out why there should ever be one.

My prediction for a massive best-seller: the 1GB Shuffle for $79. But didn’t I see that announced on Saturday Night Live last year?

The Tennessean adds comments

The Tennessean adds comments: I just noticed that the always cutting-edge has added a radical new feature to its site that, get this, allows someone to add a “comment” at the bottom of an article. It is tied in with a forum platform that requires registration. It’s nice to see the Tennessean limping towards the future, however, I’m still wondering why they call this a blog.