Good morning, Apple cultists

Good morning, Apple cultists: The Apple iTunes store is off-line this morning, obviously being retooled for the big announcement at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. As it is game day, I have come out of my rumor fast and have temporarily turned back on the RSS feeds on my newsreader that are related to Apple. (They will be shut off again by tomorrow.) For any of you who are not obsessed with tracking the rumors, the consensus predictions for the day include:

  • Announcement of movie downloads via the iTunes store.
  • Rumor range: One rumor school suggests only movies from Disney will be available. Another rumor suggests “iTunes” will be renamed “Showtime” (not likely, if you ask me.)

  • Announcement of new iPods.
  • Rumor range: It’s an easy bet to guess there will be some cool iPod upgrades and for years, the iPod cell phone has been perpetually rumored. My take on this worn-out rumor: If Steve Jobs announces something that will be like the Dick Tracy watch — a hand held video phone — using an embedded iSight camera for real-time video conferencing, I may be impressed. Otherwise, what took them so long?

  • Announcement of some gizmo that ties together a Mac mini with digital cable, your HD TV and some web storage. One rumor has it being called the very unApple sounding “TubePort.”
  • Announcement of the Apple flying car. (Okay. I made up that one.)
  • Here is ‘The Unofficial Apple Weblog’s list of predicted announcements.

    After the big event, I will repost my list of perpetual Apple rumors with a strike-through of any that get resolved today.

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