All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need – update #1

All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need – update #1: Recently, I posted a list of Apple rumors that should last you a while. Today a few of those rumors turned into announcements (via engadget), so here’s a strike through version of the list. When I made up the list last week, I said they were in no particular order, so I got especially lucky.

1. Movies via the iTunes store.
2. A “Video Airport Express” that allows you to stream video from your computer wirelessly to your TV.
(Note: It won’t come out until next year, but was “previewed” today with the code name iTV.)
3. A device that is sort of like an 8″x10″ iPod that does everything a computer does but it won’t be called a tablet computer or an iPod.
4. An iSight/iChat hardware-software combo that works on Windows machines (like when the iPod became available for Windows).
5. Wireless iPod.
6. Wireless iSight (hardware).
7. A wide range of wireless iSight cameras that allow you to automatically beam video to your iPod memory, computer or to stream live online — all with drop-dead simplicity.
8. Devices you place on shelves and hang on walls at home to replace anything you might think of as a “home entertainment center.” (Like this without “the computer.”)
9. Something like the following: A Mighty Mouse-like device that is the computer and works wirelessly with a tiny laser projector or some glasses/earphone device.
10. Newer and newer computers for designers and engineers and video/audio creators and editors and servers that are faster and faster and cheaper and cheaper.
11. A laptop computer that won’t burn a hole in your lap.
12. That he is retiring.
13. That in honor of his retirement, Apple is coming out with a flying car.
14. That they’re coming out with a computer that really doesn’t crash.

As always, there was no announcement of an iPhone. And I still haven’t figured out why there should ever be one.

My prediction for a massive best-seller: the 1GB Shuffle for $79. But didn’t I see that announced on Saturday Night Live last year?

One thought on “All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need – update #1

  1. there are a couple of good reasons for the iphone. first, ms smartphones are typically 1) big and 2) buggy. Who wants to deal with multiple crashes in a day? there are numerous problems with the hp and treo pocket pc/windows mobile devices. palm, while more stable, lacks any kind of style or pretty interface (like rim offerings). an iphone serves the fanboy interest by offering the following: a most likely stylish phone (a la helio kick flip) to take care of bulk and design; a stripped osx allowing seamless integration with ical, address book and possibly mail – even better if they license rim or good’s push technology. they would most likely include 802.11, a2dp and bt 2.0 – which could allow ota syncing with everything mentioned above as well as iphoto and itunes (including movies possibly). like many phones now, it would also have to have a chat program – so with phonecam/video, increasing ichat’s usefulness. the biggest issue, probably, is who they deal with (probably moto or nokia) for internal stuff as well as how to deal with carrier’s interests in disabling valuable functions. vzw and cingular have been known to handicap their devices, and the question remains how much freedom they’d give apple.

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