Buy Laura’s uncle’s book

Buy Laura’s uncle’s book: Laura Creekmore is touting her uncle’s book and graphing out her one-degrees of separation from a couple of U.S. presidents. Wait a minute, I’m one of the one-degrees. That’s a rather weak connection. However, if weak connections are what she’s after, I’ve got some more: In addition to that chat a few years ago with the current President, I at least shook hands with four other Presidents who were working a “rope line” or at some function (not fundraisers) where they did some ceremonial greetings: Carter, Reagan, Bush I and Clinton.

Sidenote: I attend the same church as two other Presidentially-related politicians: One (Lamar! Alexander) really wanted to be President a few years ago and the other (Bill Frist) still seems to fancy that notion in the near future. I don’t really know either of them, but have chatted several times with each. Oh, and how could I forget? Al Gore lives a few blocks away from me and we attend the same Apple store.

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