A note of advice to parents of teenagers

A note of advice to parents of teenagers: Like me, Marianne Richmond has an in-house focus group of long-time Facebookers. And they think letting parents onto Facebook is as weird as I do. She writes, “According to my kids, MySpace is for weidos, businesses and other adults. Facebook is for normal kids to hang out with their friends in a place where their parents or any other adults are not permitted. According to my in-home panel of experts, permitting parents on Facebook diminishes the attraction exponentially for kids; a complete lowering of standards. Perspective is a wonderful thing.”

Unlike Marriane, I have not informed my focus group that I have actually registered on Facebook “for research purposes.” The 16-year-old has previously informed me that he will put himself up for adoption if I did so. (Of course, I said, “I will help you fill out the papers.”)

Here’s my suggestion for parents of teenagers. If your old stand-by disciplinary threats are growing stale, try this one out: “Listen to me young man: If you don’t start [fill in the blank], I’ll make you friend me on Facebook.”

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