That Wal-mart ad won’t leave me alone

That Wal-mart ad won’t leave me alone: Apparently, Wal-mart’s attempt to get cool with a social network for teenage shoppers has folded after ten weeks. (Who could have seen that one coming?) Two things: Wal-mart is calling the defunct site a “promotion,” which I find refreshingly honest, except “demotion” is perhaps a more accurate word. I’m guessing they’ve diverted the budget they’re saving by shuttering TheHub into a Google Adwords campaign specifically targeting me. I think that because every site with Google Adsense display ads I have visited for the past 48 hours has a large version of the Wal-Mart ad displayed to the left of this post. Also, I find it creepy that they have included “Nashville” in such large type (for those merely stumbling upon this blog, Nashville is where I live, not some new type of Wal-Mart music download service). Also strange is that over-powering TM mark. What’s with that?

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