See the rexblog running on wordpress

Director of rexblog hackery Patrick Ragsdale and I (along with some elves I will thank publicly later) have been experimenting with creating a version of the rexblog running on an in-house server using WordPress. We have several sites running on WordPress and I’ve begun to covet some features on this blog that we can run on those other sites. I am going to save a long “how-we-did-it” post for later, but one of the challenges I gave to Patrick was to migrate the entire six year archive of the blog to one server — not just to replicate a shell of the blog that I could pick up at some date, with the archive saved in the old format. I didn’t want to have “the old blog” and “the new blog” — but want everything in one database running on one platform. Also, I wanted all the incoming links to those old posts to work. (We think they will, but won’t know for certain unless and until we actually flip the DNS switch to the new site.)

We’re currently running that version at the URL We are starting out by making it look as close to this version of the site as possible. A new look may follow. If it works (and we won’t know for certain until we play with the DNS server in a couple of weeks), I’ll post a full explanation of how we did it — and give a couple of shout-outs to the kind folks who helped us out with their insight and, in one case, some major hands-on grease-monkeying.

Note: For those reading this via RSS, there is no need to adjust anything if you are subscribing to the feedburner version of the feed. If any permanent changes are made, your feed will continue to work.

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