Here’s a suggestion to help Albert Haynesworth settle down – attend the ballet

Here’s a suggestion to help Albert Haynesworth settle down – attend the ballet: This afternoon, Tennessee Titans’ Albert Haynesworth said he was going to seek counseling for behavior management after stomping on the un-helmeted head of an opponent during last Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. I think the 6’6″, 320 lbs. defensive tackle might want to use his record-long five-week NFL suspension to also enjoy the arts scene in Nashville. Maybe something a little more laid back than the violence of football. Perhaps a a night at the Nashville ballet for tomorrow night’s premiere of Lizzie Borden.

I am in no way suggesting there are not many, many people in the world who have serious problems controlling their anger and who need serious mental health treatment. But the thought of a 6’6″ 320 lbs. NFL defensive tackle seeking anger management counseling for displaying insanity during a game is weird. Granted, I’m sure he needs treatment. And, if we were talking about his bouts with road rage or something done off-the-field, I would be praising the move. However, the “behavior” that he’s seeking management counseling for was done in the context of an NFL football game. He gets paid millions to be as mean and angry as possible — to take his rage and push it right up to the edge of insanity. As for “management” of that rage, his coach, Jeff Fisher, gets paid millions to manage Haynesworth’s “behavior” into something that wins games. Haynesworth seeking counseling for having uncontrollable anger during an NFL game is worthy of a movie called Anger Management II. Perhaps a reality show on ESPN or, better yet, Comedy Central, could be produced during the Albert make-over.

Rather than write anymore on this topic, let me just point to a piece by Chicago Tribune writer Rick Morrissey the other day.


“Look, these are not well-balanced people. These are violent people. That, in part, is what makes them good football players. And it’s why we tune in, buy tickets, plan Super Bowl parties.”

I’ll stop there. If I keep it up, I’ll be listing all the war and killing metaphors evoked during a typical Titans game and then I’ll get even more steamed. Thank goodness I have this blog to help me control my anger.

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