No jinxing this from me

No jinxing this from me: Okay, there’s this NFL football game taking place right now. It’s halftime. One of the teams playing is a team I follow and mention here on this blog several times each fall. But this year, that team sucks. In fact, at this point, they are statistically, the worst team in the NFL — by a mile. However, right now they’re not sucking. They are looking really good against one of the best teams in the NFL. In fact, they are winning the game 10-0 and are really playing well. Did I mention the team I like is a three touch-down underdog against the team they are playing?

But I’m not going to blog about it.

I’m afraid that if I mention anything good about my hometown team, as soon as I hit the publish button, this game will head south. Anyway, I have too many years of experience watching the other team’s quarterback win games in the fourth quarter — coming back from some deep deficits. I think it’s amusing, however, that such a great quarterback and a team that is now 4-0, is getting booed by their hometown crowd.

No, the quarterback of the other team can win this kind of game all day long no matter how bad things look at halftime.

It’s the big games he loses.

Did I say that?

I think I’ll turn off the TV and pretend like my team plays like this all the time. The way the used to.

Update: Well, a 14-13 loss is better than the crap we’ve been subjected to the last few weeks.