How to blog a conference

How to blog a conference: Josh Hallett posted a super how-to guide for blogging a conference. Actually, it’s a good guide for setting up a group blog for any purpose. As Josh and I use all the same tools, I especially like it. I would only add one thing: While Josh reminds you to encourage attendees to tag Flickr photos with a pre-determined tag, I would broaden the “tag” evangelism to cover all things tagable. And have a conference/event tag determined beforehand and publicize it beforehand, during and after the event. Even if you don’t know what “tagging” is, come up with one. (Just think of a keyword that

Even when I attend tech conferences, the official tag is still something I guess on: i.e., is it SXSW or SXSW06 or SXSW2006?

Another more thing (and this is highlighted by one of the comments on Josh’s post). Rather than trying to figure out how “to blog” a conference, many event and conference organizers are still in another camp, wondering, rather, how do I keep attendees from blogging the conference — Josh, himself, has been dinged by a conference for posting audio of sessions, I recall.

Obviously, I’m in the camp of doing all one can to encourage open conferences — and setting up the systems for giving voice to all who attend. I’m in the camp of suggesting to conference organizers to learn from Josh. No matter what you do, however, those who attend your conferences will figure all of this out anyway.

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