Fall photos post

About this time each fall, I spend a long weekend in New England visiting the 16-year-old at his school and my wife’s parents in Maine. The fall colors around here are big business, as they should be. I took the photo below last evening in Maine along the western shore of Orr’s Island (for those who know the area). And I’ve posted some more “nature” photos on Flickr.

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Counter-intuitive lesson of the day – DVRs don’t hurt live TV viewership

Counter-intuitive lesson of the day – DVRs don’t hurt live TV viewership: I hesitate to point to this, knowing what a challenge interpreting statistics can be to certain reporters and readers, however according to this report: “It seems that DVR playback is adding significant audiences to some shows, but does not appear to be affecting the level of live viewing overall.” In other words, all the free previewing on the Web and use of TiVos and DVRs and iTunes downloading, BitTorrent, YouTube, etc., does not appear to be affecting the number of people who view TV shows at the time they are aired. This makes complete sense to me as I now watch network TV shows exclusively through time-shifted methods. However, as I had gone about two decades without watching prime time TV, I am not a viewer network TV lost due to such technologies — but one they have gained.

How a savvy marketer uses social media

How a savvy marketer uses social media: In my previous post, I pointed to an example of how Wal-mart committed a rookie mistake in using blogging (or, for that matter, any of the personal or social media collectively labeled Web 2.0). I’ve also been ranting on the pay-per-post scheme in which bloggers are paid for writing about a specific topic and are not required to disclose the fact they are being paid to do so.

So, I thought, as a public service, I’d follow up with an example of how this stuff should be done.

For the best example I’ve seen recently, I turn to the Nike+ “Group Goals” program in which Nike will donate one dollar to a charity (i.e., the Lance Armstrong Foundation) for every mile I run using the Nike+iPod kit. (More explanation of the program at TUAW.)

I can’t even count up how many levels on which this program works. It will sell a heck of a lot of those kits because it will remind people like me who use one to mention how much I enjoy using it. It will also give me one more incentive to increase my milage — something I was wanting to do, anyway. And, it will encourage me to view the Nike+ website (Flash and all) as more than a place where I store data on my runs, but a social place where I am joining with others who have similar interests: running and finding and cure for cancer, for example. And it will garner them a whole lot of incoming links.

Disclosure: Nike didn’t pay me to post this. However, they did earn it.

Thanks, Scott Lamar.