How a savvy marketer uses social media

How a savvy marketer uses social media: In my previous post, I pointed to an example of how Wal-mart committed a rookie mistake in using blogging (or, for that matter, any of the personal or social media collectively labeled Web 2.0). I’ve also been ranting on the pay-per-post scheme in which bloggers are paid for writing about a specific topic and are not required to disclose the fact they are being paid to do so.

So, I thought, as a public service, I’d follow up with an example of how this stuff should be done.

For the best example I’ve seen recently, I turn to the Nike+ “Group Goals” program in which Nike will donate one dollar to a charity (i.e., the Lance Armstrong Foundation) for every mile I run using the Nike+iPod kit. (More explanation of the program at TUAW.)

I can’t even count up how many levels on which this program works. It will sell a heck of a lot of those kits because it will remind people like me who use one to mention how much I enjoy using it. It will also give me one more incentive to increase my milage — something I was wanting to do, anyway. And, it will encourage me to view the Nike+ website (Flash and all) as more than a place where I store data on my runs, but a social place where I am joining with others who have similar interests: running and finding and cure for cancer, for example. And it will garner them a whole lot of incoming links.

Disclosure: Nike didn’t pay me to post this. However, they did earn it.

Thanks, Scott Lamar.