Things I would blog about if I had the time

Here are some items I would write about if it weren’t such a beautiful fall day in Nashville and my wife didn’t have a long list of things I’ve been putting off:

  • Is homophily in social software a bug or a feature?
  • the iRecord, a device that “turns your video iPod into a DVR. (Translation: DRM-free video)
  • Search for items Prime customers can have shipped “free.” (Translation: someone has come up with a clever way to drive traffic to their affiliate store.)
  • This NY Times article about recent latino immigrants finding long-time latino immigrants demanding employers. I find the article strange because the only statistics cited have nothing to do with the “trend” suggested in the story. It may be interesting that the reporter found some examples to lump together, but does that suggest a universal truth or even a trend?
  • Dave Winer’s MacBook sage. It reminds me why I never buy a new Apple product when it comes out. I usually wait several months and let them get the kinks worked out. I’m with Dave on his observation of the Apple commercials suggesting Macs are more reliable than PCs. As someone who has about 25 Macs of all types running in a business environment — and who spends 8-10 hours a day using a Mac — I know this for certain: they break. They require maintenance and upgrades and hard drives need replacing and really stupid glitches show up. We back-up data constantly because we know that Macs break. (We also have plenty of PCs — Dell and Sony — and they break also.) Point: Macs crash and burn just like PCs. To advertise they never do is crazy.