Welcome to rexblogville

For those who are interested in the whole “social networking” thing, I’ve added a little section on the right sidebar under the heading “rexblogville.” These are links to pages I’ve set up in the past on sites and services that fall — roughly — under the social media umbrella. Some I really like — my del.icio.us network, for example, really works for me because I can set up an RSS feed of what others in my network are bookmarking (my bookmarks are also displayed on the right under the heading “sidebar blog.”) Others, like MySpace, are there if you want to “friend” me, but I rarely drift by them. I’ll also be adding back in a link to my blogroll, but have discovered it to be woefully out of date.

I’ve also just added a feature from a service called MyBlogLog.com that displays the photos of the five most recent users of the service who have visited the rexblog. I’ve also set up a MyBlogLog “community” if you’d like to join. I learned of the site from an item I read last week on TechCrunch. It seems like a clever idea. I thought I’d at least give it a try.

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