I got paid to post this but I would have done it for free

(Disclosure: The following post contains shameless congratulatory shout-outs about a company that pays me.)

FishbowlNY’s Dorian Benkoil (editor Dylan Stableford assigned himself a trip to Arizona) blogged from the Folio Awards last night and found the musical snippets a bit strange. As I have just arrived in New York and did not attend the awards, I wasn’t there to hear what was played when Hammock Publishing’s editorial director Jamie Roberts accepted the Ozzie Award for best feature story design in a business-to-business magazine for this article. (There are links to PDFs of the print version on Hammorati.) Kudos to Hammock designer Kerri Davis, staff writer Emily McMackin, managing editor Shannon McRae and freelance photographer Erick Anderson for the putting together the winning feature.

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