Scott Karp has too many quotable sentences in one blog post

The following is an open letter to Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0:

Dear Scott,

I think it’s unfair the way you can make every sentence of a blog post insightful AND pithy without being snarky or trollish. What are you doing, Scott? Auditioning for the New Yorker, or something?

I mean, look at this post you added to your blog yesterday. It’s not right that in such a short post you have included all the following quotable sentences:

1. Ze Frank and Rocketboom are like the Mini Mes of Television, squabbling over ratings.

2. Poor Digg…would have been acquired by now if any of the old media companies (like News Corp) believed their traffic stats.

3. New Media folks may be ahead of the curve on formats and hip notions like “conversation,” but they’re actually playing catch-up on the deep, intractable problems of media — like how to prove the value.

Scott, I love your blog and all. But please, stop showing off. I can’t handle my envy.

Your pal,


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