In August, from Staci Kramer at, I learned about MySi which I then called “son of Pointcast” because it is, in effect, an ad-supported screen saver push-technology clone of one of the things that became a poster-child of Bubble 1.0 hubris and lameosity. I also complained that it was launched only in a Windows-only format, which shouted screw-you to me. Then, I received an email from someone at the Nashville-area company behind the product who assured me a Mac version was on its way (I’m still waiting). Of course, since I’m always a big cheerleader of anything with a Nashville connection, I stopped whining about MySI and, frankly, think anyone who downloads and uses it is a really swell person.

Today, via Steve Rubel, I learned about the Web 2.0ification of MyESPN. I think it’s a relaunch, because I already had a username and password for something at that address — but I can’t recall what it was. The new MyESPN is a “start page” that is very Web 2.0/Ajax/WebApps compliant. I like it a lot and have created a Nashvillized version (see screenshot below). I doubt I’ll go to it that often, however, as I have dozens of other Web 2.0/Ajax/WebApps start pages that I have set up and never go to. Anyway, the Google IJ (which I think is short for Internet Juggernaut), a Web 2.0/Ajax/WebApps start page that doesn’t have a Titans theme but lets me do all sorts of cool content things with an RSS feed and a click. Other than on my Google Internet Juggernaut page, most of my web time is spent in an RSS newsreader.

That said, I think it is interesting to compare what SI is doing, which is, I still argue, an updated version of what Pointcast was back in Bubble 1.0, to what ESPN has done. All MyESPN needs to be more Web 2.0y is to add features that allow one to “friend” others who are fans of the same teams and to post mashup videos with fans doing their own play-by-play announcing of ESPN-broadcasted games.

Sidenote: Nashville is home to some other sports-related online media ventures, including: and and, of course, Mr. Roboto.

My ‘Nashvillized’ version of MyESPN:

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