This whole blogging thing really confuses some ‘journalists’

Adam Kleinheider, who is employed by Nashville’s ABC affiliate, WKRN, to maintain the TV station’s excellent political weblog, Volunteer Voters, recounts a phone exchange he had yesterday with a “journalist” who was helpful to Adam until he/she realized he was a “blogger.” The “journalist” didn’t seem to care even that Adam was on the news staff of a network-affiliate TV station (translation: “main stream media”) and was sitting in the middle of a newsroom. Because Adam’s reporting and analysis is distributed in a weblog format, the “journalist” claimed Adam had “misrepresented” himself as a real journalist — and called the station’s news director to protest.

Says Adam, “I was not privy to that convo but I am made to understand that The Journalist ended the call extremely unsatisfied.”

My continued kudos to WKRN.

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