The relative pain of pinpricks in the history of Time Inc.

I especially enjoy reading about how giant media companies like Time Inc. are trying to figure out what their digital future is in publications (like the Wall Street Journal today) owned by other giant media companies that could write the same articles about themselves.


“From the introduction of color photography to the launch of People and the demise of the original Life, Time Inc. has been through upheaval before. But insiders say those changes were like pinpricks compared with the changes now under way. “Everyone is bowing before the gods of the digital future,” says one Time Inc. editor.”

I may have blogged this recently, but a few weeks ago I saw an ad for Life from the mid-1950s that said something like, “Over 5.7 million copies of Life are sold each week.” Those who study the history of these things wouldn’t describe as “a pinprick” what happened to the Life franchise over the next 15 years. My point is not to disagree with the trainwreck happening at Time, but rather to point out that the creation of radio and TV were more than pinpricks in the ever-evolving media landscape.

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