A rexblog feature I’m enjoying – mybloglog.com

(Note to those reading this via RSS – you’ll have to click through to my blog for this to make sense.) A week or so ago, I added a little code to the right sidebar of the rexblog that displays the photos of those who visit this page who are registered on a social-networking service called MyBlogLog.com. I was anticipating some problems with it as I’m leary of anything that has the potential of displaying a graphic on this site without at least chance of me previewing it. Despite my doubts and fears, so far it has been fun to watch who shows up over there. For example, I just noticed the photo of a person who got lots of money from Google today. That’s pretty cool that you can write a post about someone and then see their photo pop up as they come see what the heck you’ve written. It might not work on a heavily traffic’d site with dozens of photos streaming by, but it sure helps add a little hominess here. And it’s one of the first things I’ve seen that makes me want to actually visit a blog rather than read it through a newsreader.

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