Is this a Real Simple Answer to the question, ‘What is an RSS feed?’

AP writer Seth Sutel tackles the question, What are online RSS feeds? Steve Rubel thinks its the best explanation he’s seen. It adheres to my recommendation for answering the question, “What is RSS?” by ignoring the technical answer and showing, rather, things you can do with RSS.

A small beef with the article, specifically a quote from J.B. Holston of NewsGator (whose products I use and love): When you say, “RSS is really just plumbing,” it’s the same as Ted Stevens using a very similar metaphor in explaining the Internet is “a series of tubes.” Really bad and wrong metaphor, especially from someone who is CEO of a plumbing company. RSS is the steak, J.B. What you can do with it is the sizzle. Marketing advice: Sell the sizzle. Flush the plumbing metaphor.