I’m retiring from party blogging

Nashville nightlife blogger Mr. Roboto has nothing to fear from me: I totally lack the ability to attend a Nashville party with several music luminaries and then blog it. First off, I have no idea what the really famous people look like. Folks like Matraca Berg and Marcus Hummon are song-writing legends but they are the nice kind of folks you chat with about your kids and new puppy and then when you walk away someone asks, “Do you know who that was?” And then you say, “I think her name was Maressa or something” and then they say, “Man, you are such an idiot.”

I did recognize John Prine as I have several of his songs (all paid for) on my computer. However, I didn’t recognize the very interesting (and famous in that world) studio musician who I quizzed about his union activism and pay scales of studio musicians vs. “road” musicians. And then, since this person has played with everyone you’ve ever heard of, I asked about who the jerks were, none of which I can blog. (Note: Never admit to a steel guitar player that the only name of a steel guitar player you can recall is Alvino Ray from some TV show in the 60s.)

I also ran into my only, true, go-to “source” in the small corner of the music world in which I am actually a fan. As he knows I blog, everything he told me started with the phrase, “you can’t blog this, but…” So, sorry. The juicy stuff on a topic that is of interest to very few people who read this blog is off-the-record.

But the real reason I am a pathetic party blogger is this: I’m a total geek. Rather than star-gaze, I spent a big chunk of my time talking with my newly re-elected Congressman, Jim Cooper (photo), who is happy now to be a part of the “majority” party. He was interested in finding out from me information on international issues (regarding my daughter who is a student at a university in the UK) and on domestic policy (my son and his are both 16 and have been friends since pre-school).

Obviously, we did talk about the election and I must say, despite his typical-un-politician-like-low-key demeanor, he seemed near-giddy when talking about having subpoena power. As he has a good deal of seniority on both the House Budget and House Armed Services Committees, that ain’t chopped liver.Later, I decided that the fact that I was deep into a conversation about subpoena power while in the middle of a room full of music luminaries and aspiring young female country-music artists means I am totally not cut out for the night-life blogging scene.

Signing off.

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