Honoring a hero

From Hammock Publishing’s Bill Hudgins (Hudge in comments here), who is covering this weekend’s opening of the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Virginia, comes a note on how moving is was to hear the announcement that a Medal of Honor will be awarded posthumously to Cpl. Jason Dunham who died in Iraq in April, 2004. The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Phillips details the award. Phillips first wrote about Dunham in a Wall Street Journal article in 2004 and in his book, The Gift of Valor. When an attacker dropped a grenade threatening the patrol he was leading, Dunham hurled himself on top of it, using his helmet to try to blunt the force of the blast. From the injuries he sustained from the blast, he died eight days later. According to his fellow Marines, Dunham had extended his enlistment shortly before he died so he could help his comrades.