You could win $62.50 if you comment on this post

What you are reading here is a sponsored review. I’m getting paid $125 to post it. The pay-for-blog-posting service that is paying me $125 for this review is called ReviewMe and I just registered on their site to see what a posted review here on the rexblog is worth. Apparently, if you want to purchase a review from me, they will charge you $250. Then I get half, $125. Unlike the pay-per-post scheme I blasted a few weeks ago, ReviewMe requires me to disclose that the post is sponsored. They also pay a lot better than the concept I blasted and they aren’t trying to run from their concept by creating a .org that sounds like they are not creating a heinous form of splogging.

Oh, by the way, this is a review of ReviewMe.

Here’s my review: If I were going to do reviews like this, I think I’d stick with them. I like the transparency of the transaction. They ran the rexblog through some algorithm that led them to believe a review here is worth $250. That impressed me. Then they require me to say what I’m doing. That impressed me. Then they tell me they’ll split the $250 with me. That really impressed me.

But the thing that impressed me most was that Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0 reviewed it and said everything that I would about it. I figured by pointing his way and saying “what he said” I could save myself about $50 worth of hassle in actually thinking what to write since I decided long ago, there’s very little I can add to whatever Scott has to say on something.

Another good thing about ReviewMe is they don’t require blogs to post positive reviews (however, I feel certain that blogs that post negative reviews won’t pick up that many gigs, if you know what I mean — you purchase a reviewer by placing him or her in your shopping cart and I don’t think too many shopping carts will get filled with blogs that do negative reviews. Wait, did that sound cynical?).

Anyway, I’m so impressed with the share-and-share-alike model of ReviewMe, I’ve decided to go one step better. I’ll pay $62.50 to one lucky reader who reads this review — you don’t even have to like it, just read it. To be considered for payment, all you need to do is add a comment on this post answering the following question: “Should a blogger accept payment for a post made on his or her blog?” Please keep your comment brief or link to your own blog for the long version. On your comment, make sure you have a valid e-mail address (it won’t be displayed, but I’ll be able to reach you if you win the $62.50). One e-mail address will be selected at random on November 18. I will send you the $62.50 when ReviewMe sends me my $125, so I have no idea when you’ll get it. Happy commenting. (Void where prohibited — but I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.)

Update: As this post has picked up some momentum from Tailrank, Techmeme and some other meme trackers, I feel the need to provide a bit of context for those who’ve never been by here, so I’ve added links to two previous posts:

  • One more time, slowly — why pay-per-post schemes are cancer.
  • The real reason behind pay-per-post schemes
  • Also, please continue to add comments to this post. After this experiment is over, I will post a summary.

    Clarification: While I signed up for ReviewMe for this experiment, I don’t plan on doing any more pay-per-review posts. I prefer the approach to other schemes, but I would prefer an approach that is outside the edit well. Also, the use of the “shopping cart” metaphor when an advertiser selects bloggers to pay is too ironic for me.

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