MyBlogLog adds a very important feature

A few weeks ago, when I added the MyBlogLog feature to this blog (the service that allows me to display the photos of site visitors over in the right column), I mentioned that I am leary of anything that has the potential of displaying a graphic on this site without my ability to block it. “Eric” — the MySpace Tom of MyBlogLog (if you have to ask, it’s not funny) was nice enough to drop by that post and then e-mail me about my concern. He assured me that a blocking feature was in the works. Apparently, it is now available, as when I move my curser over a photo of a visitor, an “x” appears. Click the “x” and it’s bye-bye. (I’m not going to explain why this is an important feature as I don’t want to encourage the misuse of the service I envisioned some might try before this feature was added.) The feature hasn’t been mentioned yet on the MyBlogLog blog, so I guess it’s new. (Note: I won’t be removing the photo accompanying this post as it is Patrick, the rexblog’s director of hackogology.) (Note #2: Join the rexblog “community” if you’re registered on MyBlogLog — note: the ‘x’ feature works there, also.)

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