Some air travel bookmarks to keep handy

Someone e-mailed me to ask where I checked for airport delay information, so I thought I’d share a few bookmarks I keep handy for airport information:

Flight Delays: The FAA Flight Delay Information is maintained by the very impressive-sounding Air Traffic Control System Command Center.

Average Security Checkpoint Wait Time: The TSA has a “security checkpoint wait time” calculator that I’ve found to be fairly accurate. You enter the specific day and hour that you are going to travel, and based on historical data, they provide an average for how long it takes to get through the security checkpoint.

Airports with Free Wifi: Here’s one I especially like (disclosure: I set it up): the directory of airports with free wi-fi.

Everything about airports you’ll ever want to know: The Department of Transportation maintains a database that provides all sorts of information about each U.S. airport. If you’re even more of an airport wonk, you can browse through all sorts of FAA information (primarily for pilots) via a commercial website

Aviation Consumer Protection Information: More information maintained by the Department of Transportation can be found here, however, you’ll have dig down into PDF and Word docs available on the website.

Flight ratings: A commercial website called has an array of tools to research data from the FAA and other sources regarding on-time performance. You have to register (free) to get the results of several of the features. I just noticed, they also have “widgets” and even a little bling thing you can add to a website like this:

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