How to pre-launch a blog — offer an RSS feed

Search engine guru Danny Sullivan recently left a website/blog company he helped make one of the biggest brands in that niche with his writing and conference-hosting. He’s announcing that on December 11, he’ll be starting a new blog-venture called Search Engine Land. Rather than “coming soon” at the new URL, Danny has posted a detailed description of what the blog will be all about, along with how to subscribe to the site via RSS, e-mail and all of the requisite icons so that fans like me won’t miss anything when Danny and his co-bloggers start posting in a couple of weeks.

Danny displays an important lesson: When you announce something, allow potential “customers, readers, viewers, etc.” the opportunity to do something more than hand the opportunity to disclose to you their e-mail address, or, worse “check back with you later.” Offer them an RSS feed, something they can monitor that won’t go into their spam filter and that, if they discover they don’t want to be your reader, they can shut off easily.

(Hat tip: Content Matters)

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