They should call it green, not black, Friday

I know why today is called Black Friday, but it’s still a ridiculous name as it sounds like a day on which some historic disaster occurred (come to think of it, maybe it’s not such a bad name). As I’m a reluctant shopper, I can’t think of a worse thing to do than go shopping on such a busy day. As today has become a “bonus” holiday for many Americans — most of whom over-ate yesterday — maybe it should be called “recovery Friday.”

My friend Josh Hallett got up early this morning to save some money.

As much as I regret giving free-publicity to a company that needs no help in that department, I know there are some Apple-enthusiasts among the readership of this blog and therefore, on this day each year, I typically point to the Apple Stores’ (including the online one) one-day-only sale items. If you’re going to purchase one of the items anyway, you might as well do it today and save a few bucks — but you won’t see me at the Mall.

This year I’m throwing in an additional link for iPod owners: Find something on sale from Nashville-based Griffin Technology.

Bonus link for those who may have a special loved-one who is a hardcore geek: Chris Pirillo’s 50 Geek Gift Ideas.

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