We have a winner of the $62.50 comment contest

I almost forgot that I had a contest going in which I was going to award $62.50 for a randomly selected commenter on a post for which I am supposed to receive $125 from some folks who are being paid $250 for me to post it. I won’t be doing another such post as the first one was merely a $62.50 gimmick to generate some incoming-links (note to drive-by readers: that was a joke, however I won’t be doing anymore ‘sponsored’ posts).

I selected a comment randomly through the scientific method of asking someone to pick a number and then counting down that many comments.

Drum-roll please.

And the winner is Hugh Roper which is somewhat ironic as his comment was: “I don’t know if a blogger should accept pay for post, but a person who comments definitely should not.”

Congratulations, Hugh. As soon as I receive my $125, I’ll send you the $62.50 which you can accept or do-with as you see fit.