A look back at 2006 predictions (and congratulations to Chris Anderson)

Chris Anderson’s book, The Long Tail, has been named #1 business book of 2006 by Amazon.com editors.

That means I can point to the 2005 year-end prediction I made over at Folio: magazine’s website:

Rex Hammock’s predictions: 1. Wired magazine editor Chris Anderson’s book, The Long Tail, scheduled to be published in June, will not only be the best-selling business book published during the year, but it will help articulate and explain the economic significance of smaller publishers in the magazine industry.

Technically, it may not have been the best-selling, but I came close. Oh, and the second part of that prediction happened also with this Folio: cover story.

I had two other predictions that still have time to play out, however, I missed a big one: that the Folio: reporter whose by-line appears on the prediction story would change jobs and become editor of FishbowlNY.

Speaking of predictions, my most accurate predictions started as a joke. Using Matt McAlister’s “Dotcom Prediction Generator, I filled-in some blanks and got, upon looking back, some fairly prescient (obvious) results. My best fill-in-the-blank prediction: “A Palo Alto startup is going to open our eyes to some new ways that social media can influence culture. Business Week will pick up on this and run several cover stories on the founders.”

Really, I’m not bragging or anything.

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