The problem with third-party widgets

When I first launched this blog, I used to manage much of the content on the right sidebar. However, during a short period of time, their servers began to act up and it would make it appear my entire blog was unavailable. I have a short fuse when it comes to third-party widget performance dragging down the speed of this site, so I moved the blogroll off the front page (more to come). Due to some similar glitches the folks at are having, I have temporarily removed the code that displays the photos served up by I say temporary, because I like the service and will add the code back in when they work things out. But I won’t be displaying empty boxes or, worse, nothing. The link to my MyBlogLog profile and community still work.

Update: I’ve added back the ‘widget’ code and (see comments) thanks for the personal service and explanation by the management.