Why I didn’t blog today

I was in Chicago today for the last of this year’s Folio: magazine’s e-publishing “road shows.” This is the first time I’ve ever been able to be on a “faculty” (in this case, a three-person panel moderated by Folio: publisher Tony Silber) several times over a several-month period. Since Scott Karp (who I always read before deciding what to think) has also been on “the tour,” I’ve had the privilege of being able to, whenever in doubt or confusion, turn to him and say, “Whatever Scott says.” Today, for example, I was mentioning MyBlogLog.com and said, “This scratches an itch I didn’t know I had,” which I had absolutely no idea what I meant when I said it. I turned to Scott and said, “What did that mean?” And he explained it. Also on the panel today was Jason Brightman whose last name accurately describes him. He’s the designer and manager of XXLmag.com (and more) which he built on WordPress. What’s more, he’s as cool as you’d think someone who did that would be. I hope the people attending these day-long classes have enjoyed them — I have.