Thank you nice people of the American Marketing Association, Nashville Chapter

I spoke with about 75 marketing executives at lunch today. Perhaps it was that double espresso at 11, but for some reason I got really wound up and I think I jumped up on a table at one point and started pounding my fists and began to yell at them that their metaphors sucked. Actually (and this is where it gets foggy and I go into denial) I think I projected up on the screen in giant letters: Your Metaphors Suck. As I’ve received several extremely kind e-mails this afternoon from people who attended, I have decided that people really like to be told their metaphors suck. (For those not attending, the metaphors I was referring to are the ones from offline — ‘pages,’ ‘views,’ ‘visits’ — misused when trying to understand those facets of the Internet to which we now apply the term “social media.” Tame stuff unless you catch me in full rant-mode.)