Preserving Nashville history from those who don’t understand its value

I am about to become a zealot. If, as the Tennessean reports today, that “legally, there’s not much Metro or other Tennessee communities can do to protect historic stone walls,” I will be spending a portion of my time and energy over the coming months and years to see if that can be changed. I have privately pondered what tragic or perhaps, inspiring stories these slave-built stone walls must hold as I’ve walked and jogged and biked beside them for the past 25 years. After reading this article, I am going to do the following: 1. Learn what I can about their history. 2. Learn who is best organized to protect and preserve them. 3. Get involved with that group. 4. Set up a wiki (a participatory knowledge-base) so those who are concerned can chronicle, photograph, map and discuss them., 5. Do what I can to change the laws so there are ways to protect historic stone walls.

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