Ask and it shall be given — MyBlogLog starts a wiki

Thanks to the neo-pop-culture-icon Eric of MyBlogLog for dropping by the comments of a my post from a few days ago in which I suggested the MyBlogLog folks replace their update-challenged help page with a wiki*. Well, Tah-dah. More background on the new wiki can be found on the MyBlogLog Blog.

*In response to recommendations by the rexblog advisory board**, for a while, I am going to define the word wiki whenever I use it. In this case, I am using the word wiki to refer to a repository of knowledge (sometimes called a “knowledge-base” or, ugh, “knowledge-management system”) of product information created and updated in a collaborative way by the developers and users of the product.

**A highly-inclusive board that includes anyone who e-mails me suggestions.

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