Juicy, fruity news from France

Just ran across this day-old news, “Orange and Apple reach MacBook deal.” Actually, this news item from Macworld.co.uk is significant only because the writer was able to get through the entire story with no puns about being squeezed or seeding the marketplace or fruit salad or sucking. (Later: Unlike these folks.) By the way, the story is about how customers of Orange in France will be able to rent a MacBook and use Orange’s broadband services for around €2 per day. Quote: Executive director of France Telecom (which owns Orange), Louis-Pierre Wenes, said: “It seems appropriate to link the Orange brand with that of Apple, famous for its product innovation and ease of use.” Yes, that’s why it seems appropriate that companies named Orange and Apple link their brands. If it weren’t such low-hanging fruit, I’d continue this post with some more obvious puns.

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