Two rexblog technical items – Akismet and the Snap preview feature

When the rexblog director of hackology Patrick (Scriptalias) Ragsdale migrated this blog over to WordPress recently, he included a plug-in called Akismet that he told me would help filter out comment and trackback spam. The plug-in is magic. It has filtered about 1,000 comment-spam attempts in the past month and has had only two false-positives. (One of which was, ironically, from one of this blogs original seven readers.) Askismet is separate from the WordPress feature I’ve activated that requires my approval for the first comment from someone. I’m typically pretty prompt in approving those and have let all comments through. The Akismet feature keeps spam comments from ever even showing up in that approval queue, however.

I also wanted to mention I’ve added the Snap preview feature to the rexblog so that when you hover your cursor over an out-bound link a little preview thumbnail of that site should appear. I’m merely experimenting with it, but it looks pretty helpful. Other than a credit line for, there are no ads on the previews. (Note: if the link is to something on rexblog, there is no preview.)