Youzers are the the ‘persons’ of the year

Geez, it seems like it was only two years ago when blog was the 2004 word of the year. That was nothing compared to this: Folks who do book reviews on Amazon, write Wikipedia entries, post videos on YouTube and (if you read this blog, you know the etc., etc.) are Time Magazine’s person(s?) (people?) of the year. Time even got a magazine editor who made all his reporters blog this year write one of the stories in the cover-package.

Geez, this Youzer generated content thing has come a long way.

Actually, the “group” person of the year concept is not without precedent and many times, the person selected is representative of a broader movement. In the past, “women” (1975), “young people (1966),” and “middle Americans (1969)” have been designated.

Also, “the geek” — be it a tech or media one — has been a consistent selection over the past couple of decades. Here are some that fall into that category:

2005: Bill and Melinda Gates and Bono for philanthropy.

1999: Jeff Bezos.

1997: Andy Grove.

1991: Ted Turner.

1982: The computer.

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