Titans find another way to win — and to excite the home crowd

(From NFL.com) “The Tennessee Titans found three more ways to keep their magical ride alive.”

Five wins in a row (7-out-of-the-past 9). The last four are some of the most improbable games I’ve ever watched. While Vince Young wasn’t a major factor in today’s game (Sports Illustrated cover jinx?), it didn’t matter. Whenever a team scores three defensive touchdowns, the odds are rather high they’ll win. The Titans’ offense was on the field only 15 or so minutes of the game — something I’ve never seen. Pacman Jones continues to convince the home folks to see and hear no evil when they learn his off-field absurdity of the week.

But my favorite star of the game Cortland Finnegan, the seventh-round draft pick rookie defensive back who scooped up a fumble and ran 92 yards for a touchdown. If he keeps this up, I think I’ll nominate him for alumni of the year of the college he attended about three decades after I did.

Later: Another reason for the surreal nature of today’s game was the weather. It is seven days before Christmas Eve and the game-time temperature was 69 degrees. Even “the shady side” of the stadium was comfortable in a polo shirt. Two weeks ago, my feet were miserably cold during the Colts game. Today, I saw several fans wearing shorts.

Update: Following up on my mention of Cortland Finnegan, I wanted to point to this most amusing quote from Monday’s Tennessean: “It’s not as if Samford is a pipeline to the pros. The last time a Samford player was drafted was in 1969 .” Geez, that is even before when I attended — however, I do recall watching them play in the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl during that era. Actually, when I was a student there, Samford did away with their football program. It was re-started later.

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