Meme of the moment – things people don’t know about me

This morning, I was tagged by both Jeff Jarvis and Scott Karp to participate in the meme-of-the-moment: a revelatory post sharing five things most people wouldn’t know about me. I’m with Jeff, however, after six or so years of doing this, I’ve pretty much revealed more than anyone wants to know about me. That said, here goes:

1. Despite rumors to the contrary, I’m not a Republican. Never have been. I’ve voted for Republicans. But I’ve voted for a lot more Democrats than Republicans. I’m not a Democrat, either, however that won’t surprise anyone.

2. I live in Nashville, but I’m not a song writer. However, when I was in college, one of my most significant claims to fame was writing a couple of short comedy musical reviews that won some competitions.

3. This is a deep dark secret that I keep hidden from my family: I really hate Christmas music. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of Baby Jesus and sleigh bells. It’s just the music I can’t stand. It gets in my head and won’t go away. If I hear those barking dogs singing Jingle Bells, the next few days are blown.

4. Once I edited a magazine in which I also wrote a humor column using a pseudonym. The favorite letter I’ve ever received was from a writer who pitched me on why he should become the new humor columnist because the one we had was so bad. Sad thing is, he never knew that letter was the funniest thing he’d ever written.

5. I attended public school in Alabama during the period in which the schools in that town went from total segregation to being approximately 50% black and white. (Think ‘Remember the Titans’ era.) Participating in that transformation was something I felt — even then — was a special and historic privilege. My parents were not necessarily enlightened or progressive on issues of race, but they nevertheless instilled in me a sense of knowing that equality for all was something to be encouraged, not denied. Being actively involved in helping to lead a student body to peacefully and cooperatively embrace a positive and just cultural change was the most significant thing I’ve ever done.

I think I’m supposed to tag some others, but I’m heading out the door. You’re good for now.