Mr. Roboto blogs our annual office party

First, let me say emphatically, those were NOT stripper poles — they were stabilization poles of the type one finds on a subway car. It was a moving bus. They were for safety purposes. Okay, with that actionable item aside, let me admit that when a famous “night life blogger” attends your office party as the date of one of your employees, you begin to prepare yourself for the reviews. Thanks, Mr. Roboto. I guess. One thing I know for certain, the response is “no way” to Mr. Robtoto’s parting suggestion: “Next year, I fully expect Rex to sell admission tickets to the party.”

For a more sedate version, see my earlier post and Flickr set.

Update: A public response to the private e-mail a friend just sent: No, this is not what I mean when I say our company has expanded our focus to include “social media.”