What gender is a media company when it/he/she sets up a MySpace account?

Recently, when the Nashville TV station WKRN ‘friended me’ on MySpace, I blogged that it caused me to discover that TV stations must be “feminine” as WKRN’s MySpace profile described “her” as a 53-year-old female.

Today, I learned (sorry, I can’t retrace who pointed me there) that some resourceful reporters at the Fife Herald in Scotland have set up a MySpace account. (Side note: I actually consider Fife “local” as the 19-year-old attends the University of St Andrews.) In its case, however, the Fife Herald is described on MySpace as a 100-year-old male. (“The Gray Lady” may be surprised to learn that newspapers are males.)

Shouldn’t MySpace be issuing guidelines on this important matter?

I apologize in advance for not being aware if there have been any long-simmering debates in the linguistic community related to the genderfication of institutions who/that join online social networks.

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