On the last work day before Christmas, the rexblog gave to me…

A day-long, growing list of 12 productivity-busting web ditties:

  • geoGreeting: Send a message via this Google Earth mashup that utilizes a font comprised of building-footprints shaped like letters that have been found on Google Earth.
  • ElfYourself.com: It’s funny — especially funny is the thought that a company called OfficeMax would sponsor something that will result in minimum office productivity.
  • 25 Things you can do with a mashed-up Google map: These aren’t merely time-wasters. Many are practical tools and hacks. (And here’s a link to 25 more where those came from.)
  • Ways to obsess over scenarios in which your home team can make it into the NFL playoffs: In my case, the link provides a guide to who I should or should not cheer for this weekend. (Bonus time-waster: Follow two Nashville bloggers who travel from Nashville to Buffalo for Sunday’s game.)
  • Random knowledge: That link will take you to a random page on Wikipedia. It’s especially helpful for Cliff Clavin-types.
  • StumbleUpon: I haven’t quite figured out the social networking features of StumbleUpon because everytime I click on something on my StumbleUpon tool bar I get, uh, what was I talking about?
  • Video of Vanilla Ice performing on Saturday Night Live: You can thank Rex Sorgatz for pointing to that one. By the way, if reading time-wasting lists is your productivity-busting web preference, his 2006 meta list of lists is enough to make you, uh, what was I talking about?

  • Oops. Where did the time go? I started watching that Vanilla Ice video and the next thing I know it’s time for me to tell everyone to go home early. Besides, there’s a party at my house in a couple of hours for about 60 19-year-olds. Wouldn’t want to miss that.