Thanks Santa and Vince Young

This Christmas Eve, I got my wish when the Tennessee Titans won their sixth straight game in yet another — but different — improbable way. I’m sure that Buffalo Bills fans will be slamming their coach for not going for a field goal at the end of the game. However, all I have to say to the Bills fans is this: Stop your whining. Your team still had a shot at the playoffs and has been playing great for the past several weeks — but there were 18,000 empty seats at the Bill’s stadium. What’s with that? That’s the kind of fan behavior that gets one pieces of coal in their football fan stockings on Christmas Eve.

The possibility of the Titans getting into the playoffs still require for them to beat the New England Patriots in Nashville next week and some other wins and losses that require an advanced math degree to figure out. It doesn’t really matter.

Merry Christmas to all. Also, for those of you with young kids, this day gets lots easier later on when you’re not putting together items that require assembly.