Kudos, BusinessWeek RSS Generator (and how-to do it for other sites)

I’ll join with others who have given a thumbs up to BusinessWeek’s RSS Generator that allows you to subscribe to an RSS feed of stories that contain the search term or ticker symbol you supply. If you don’t use an RSS newsreader, you can use the feeds on a wide variety of “personal portal” pages like MyYahoo (click on the ‘+ Add Content tab and add the RSS’ URL) or the Google personal start page (click ‘add stuff’ and choose the option to ‘add by RSS URL’). Or, try a few on a Google Reader page that takes a few moments to set up but could save you hours and hours in 2007.

Here’s a rexblog bonus: How to create something like the BusinessWeek RSS generator for any news site or blog you follow. There are lots of hacks to do this, but I’ll keep it simple for you:

1. Go to the advanced search option on Topix.net and set up a search using your preferred parameters of time, location, URL, etc.

2. At the bottom of the search results page, click on the orange RSS feed icon and you’ll go to a results page that may look very weird to you. However, all you need to do is copy and past the URL from that page into the “add stuff” place on the customizable Google page or MyYahoo or an RSS newsreader.

(Later: I am going to do a screencast of this a bit later as it will make more sense to see it being done that to read how to do it. )

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