rexblog tech, magazine and Titans predictions for 2007

1. In late 2007, a major wire service will run a feature story calling RSS “the coolest thing you’ve never heard of.”

2. In the magazine world, David Carey will be a name we hear a lot. The launch of CondeNast Portfolio (premiere issue in April, goes monthly in September) will be the most talked-about magazine launch in a long time (unless, that is, you combine all of the talk about the multiple launches of Radar). Unlike Radar, CondeNast Portfolio will be a huge success.

3. Speaking of Radar, it will launch and close again in 2007, setting up another relaunch in 2008.

4. Chris Anderson will write a cover story in Wired magazine about “Radical Transparency” in February. It will become a book published in April, 2009.

5. Wikis will be the “must-have” feature on magazine websites, however, they will frustrate publishers and editors when no “users” generate any content.

6. The buzzword “user generated content” will be replaced by the term “self-expression.” (Actually, that was just wishful thinking. The more likely replacement terms: “personal publishing,” “conversational media,” and the ever-popular “social media.”)

7. Time Inc. will lay off employees and sell off properties and reorganize. They will issue lots of statements about synergy.

8. The Titans will go 12-4 and win the AFC South with a home-field advantage for the entire playoffs. (As next season’s Superbowl takes place in 2008, I’ll wait 12 months before making the prediction that the Titans will win it.)

9. I will mark off at least four entries from my list of “All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need.”

10. Jimmy Guterman will start blogging again. (Okay, I cheated.)

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