A few seconds on the big, big screen

At the Titans game today, the 16-year-old made it onto the jumbotron when a guy in front of us participated in a time-out contest. The 16-year-old is the guy in the red poncho. The last time he was on a jumbotron, he was in elementary school and we were attending a Vanderbilt basketball game. I was talking to the person next to me when I glanced up at the jumbotron and thought, “That half-naked kid waving his shirt over his head sure looks like my son…and that guy sitting next to him looking up at the jumbotron sure looks like me.” When asked what the X!~$## he was doing, he told me he was trying to win a pizza. Fortunately, he won. For weeks, I ran into people who would ask me if that was my son at the basketball game.