Welcome to 2.007

Another prediction: 2007 will be the year in which Media 1.0 writers will use the term Web 2.0 like it’s something new. At some point in 2007, all commentators at traditional media companies will be required to write a column in which they admit their epiphany that Web 2.0 is just a buzzword that means The Web. These columns will be similar to this one in Adweek and will include quotes like:

“With Web 2.0, we’ve come full circle to the early promise of the Internet and what made it great in the first place. If Web 2.0 represents community and social collaboration on a grand scale, then in many ways we’ve simply gone back to the Web 0.0 future.”

[rexblog flashback: (November 25, 2005) “Why the term Web 2.0 means nothing.”]